10 Best Career Option In Assam After Graduation | Assam Career Guide

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10 Best Career Opportunities In Assam After Graduation | Assam Career Guide

Have you just completed your graduation and felt unsure about what to do next? Although some students know exactly what career path to choose and how to develop a career after graduation, most students begin to feel the burden of success and find themselves in the land of a no-man.

When it comes to selecting the correct profession after graduation, it's very normal to get confused. There are many career opportunities available for students to pursue today, and this is why it is difficult for them to determine which direction to go. This is the moment that their passion and skill sets are failing to understand.

But the question remains: "What do I do after completing graduation in Assam ?" Relax! Yes! Follow us, and we will lead you to the direction you have been searching for proper guidance and encouragement since you completed your bachelor's degree.

Today's young people are more open to taking on new careers or interesting jobs. The explanation may be that conventional professions have become so costly and competitive as more and more people choose them, and it is not as easy as before to find jobs. While they may be interested in other fields sooner, because of pressure from the family, they are forced to take up conventional professions.

10 Best Career Option In Assam After Graduation | Assam Career


You can get into industrial design (cars, motorcycles, consumer electronics, etc.), graphic design (magazines, logos, etc.), fashion design or transport design-offbeat, odd, peculiar, unorthodox, and fascinating career interviews!

Architecture / Urban Planner

City planners, building architects, and conservation architects with a broad picture view are extremely needed-Offbeat, rare, special, unorthodox & fascinating career interviews!

Journalist / Tech Authors

With publishing, you will merge your love of subjects (Arts. Sports, Technology, etc.) and become a journalist.


Another multi-disciplinary subject that applies numbers (Maths / Statistics) to study diseases (Biology), Sports (Cricket / Football / Tennis, etc), Entertainment (Box-office nos), Insurance Pricing (Actuary), Data Scientist-Offbeat, unique, distinctive, unorthodox & fascinating career interviews!

Food and Beverages

Using a degree in Microbiology / Biochemistry, particularly beer making, wine making or cheese making, you can specialise in food and drinks-Offbeat, odd, rare, unorthodox & fascinating career interviews!

Disease Research

The degree in Microbiology will help you specialise in cancer disease research, aids, etc. Offbeat, rare, unique, unorthodox & fascinating career interviews!

Offbeat, odd, special, unorthodox & fascinating career interviews-Agriculture and Farming-

Work on cutting-edge research that helps the industry develop innovations to deliver extra food to the ever-growing population!

Aviation / Space-Offbeat, odd, special, unorthodox & fascinating career interviews

Be an AstroPhysicist or AstroBiologist studying outer space particles and life! Arts-If you like Art-Offbeat, rare, special, unorthodox & fascinating career interviews-work as an Art Curator, Conservator, or Restorer!


Animation, illustration or comic drawing-Offbeat, odd, special, unorthodox & fascinating career interviews if you want to combine your drawing talent with films!


You can become an ethical hacker if you enjoy hacking-Offbeat, unique, rare, unorthodox & fascinating career interviews!


Offbeat, odd, special, unorthodox & fascinating career interviews-You can even become a geologist or marine biologist or climatologist and get interested in planet conservation!

Pure Sciences

You can do pure science research if you are interested in mathematics or physics, or chemistry or biology-Offbeat, odd, exclusive, unorthodox & fascinating career interviews!


Another region is hotel management or chef or molecular gastronomist-Offbeat, unique, distinctive, unorthodox & fascinating career interviews

Finance / Economics-

You can specialize in economics-evolutionary, behavioral, or consumer-if you love statistics and human psychology. Investment banking, fund management, etc. are other fields of finance-economics- Offbeat, rare, unorthodox & fascinating career interviews

Instructor of Yoga

Yoga is embraced globally and is not only taught, studied, and practiced in India, but also in the West. Day by day, the need for Yoga instructors is growing. This career has gained a great deal of fame with the growing success of Yoga as alternative medicine.

Events Management

This profession is for those who have a deep passion and strong organizational skills for conducting events.

Hair Stylest

If you are looking for a satisfying career in cosmetology and it sounds exciting to develop new hairstyles for individuals, then becoming a hairstylist is the right direction.

Along with you can continue your educational journey and get some higher educational degree in assam
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